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two man standing at the shore of lake in Ecoland farms stay near bangalore

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Early Memories of Fishing in Kollengode
  3. Fishing Adventures in Albuquerque
  4. Returning to Nature at Ecoland Farms
  5. A New Fishing Experience at Athetti Lake
  6. The Thrill of the Catch
  7. Exploring the Beauty of Ecoland Farms
  8. Conclusion


Fishing has been a significant part of my life, from my childhood in Kollengode to my adventures in Albuquerque and now at Ecoland Farms in Hosur. Growing up on my grandfather’s farm in Kerala, India, I learned to fish with simple tools, fostering a love for the pastime that stayed with me. In my late 20s, I explored fly fishing in New Mexico’s wilderness. Now, as I spend more time at my farm near Bangalore, I find myself reconnecting with this peaceful hobby. Join me as I reflect on these fishing journeys and discover the beauty of Ecoland Farms, a tranquil escape just an hour from the city.

Early Memories of Fishing in Kollengode

Growing up, I spent my early years at my grandfather’s farm in Kollengode, nestled against the beautiful Nelliampathi hills at the foothills of the Western Ghats in Kerala, India, in the district of Palakkad. This was a time before the internet when people had plenty of time on their hands. My uncle often took me to the farm’s lake, where we used a simple stick, thread, and hook with earthworms we picked from the shore. There were always plenty of fish, and we would catch a few fresh catfish to take home. My grandma would cook the catfish, and we would enjoy a delicious lunch followed by a nap. These moments were a big part of my early learning experiences as a curious five-year-old.

Fishing Adventures in Albuquerque

The next time I went fishing was in Albuquerque in the US, during my late 20s while I was studying and working. We bought fly fishing gear from a big store called Dick’s and camped near a mountain stream, trying fly fishing for the first time. Even though we didn’t catch any fish, it was exciting to learn how to fly fish. Camping in the wilderness, with the Sandia Mountains just an hour away from Albuquerque, was calm and beautiful. It was a time of energy and excitement in our lives.

Returning to Nature at Ecoland Farms

Fast forward a couple of decades, and now I am settled in Bangalore with my family. We have a farm in Hosur called Ecoland Farms. Life has been busy with work and family, leaving little time to spend at the farm. However, after COVID-19, I started thinking about retirement and began spending more time at the farm. Recently, I decided to go fishing early in the morning at Athetti Lake across from the farm.

A New Fishing Experience at Athetti Lake

Fishing at Athetti Lake, with the sun shining brightly against the Sholagiri mountains, was a unique experience. I bought a fishing rod and gear from Decathlon called Caperlan. Learning how to set up and use the new fishing rods was tricky and took some time. Luckily, a friendly Decathlon employee named Adithya patiently showed me how to spool the reel. Unlike my earlier fishing experiences with simple gear, this was more challenging. While there were options like plastic lures, I chose real bait the humble earthworm, provided by the farm help.

The Thrill of the Catch

As I waited for a fish to bite, I watched the sun rise over the hills, casting a glow on the banks. I noticed a chameleon climbing a rock in search of its breakfast. Patience was key, as the fishing float bobber a lightweight buoy moved due to the wind or small nibbles. After about 20 minutes, I felt a real tug and waited longer to ensure a catch. Finally, I reeled in a local fish that looked like Tilapia. The experience taught me patience and observation, and the happiness on my face when I caught the fish was truly rewarding.

Exploring the Beauty of Ecoland Farms

Later in the day, I explored the lake, enjoying a walk while the sun set over the water. Overseeing the mangroves and surrounding farms, I experienced life in a village, with farmers tending to their fields and the waterways that irrigate the farms. Ecoland Farms provides rustic cottages for visitors to stay and enjoy this peaceful experience, just an hour’s drive from Bangalore.


Fishing at Ecoland Farms has rekindled my love for this peaceful pastime, reminding me of the simple joys from my childhood in Kollengode and the adventures in Albuquerque. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a curious beginner, the calm setting of Ecoland Farms offers a perfect escape from the busy city life.

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