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Enjoy perfect 3 days at Ecoland Farms with fresh meals and nature activities included.

Day 1 – Chill and enjoy the countryside, soak in the fresh air, and enjoy a campfire and barbeque.

Day 2 – Go for a trek, explore the forest and the farms, and have a sumptuous local breakfast. Drive to  KRP Krishangiri dam, visit the Mallchandiram Dolmens or the Anjaneya Temple dating back 3000+ years in the same corridor.

Day 3 – Go fishing in the lake early morning or go mountain biking, relax, rejuvenate, and work on your next great idea amidst the sound of the peacocks and birds from the forest reserve.


Enjoy an evening of bonfire sitting under the open blue skies with a Barbeque of local veggies and meat in local sauces prepared by our chef and sit across the Athetti Lake and enjoy the silent forest valley.

a group of people enjoying campfire farm activity at Ecoland farms

at Athetti Lake

Go fishing at Athetti Lake across the farm with the sun shining bright against the Sholagiri mountains or for a walk on the banks with the mangroves and the surrounding farms and get firsthand experience of life in a village with its meandering waterways and farmers tending to their fields.

man is laughing after pulling his fishing hook from lake at Ecoland farms stay near Bangalore


Go for an early morning trek in the forest reserve where you can walk in the misty morning and catch a view of rare birds, animals, and reptiles that will get you wonderstuck. Take a break on the rocky peaks under a tree and soak in the early morning sun while the air chill hits your face and recharges you. Sit by a rock and enjoy the picturesque views.


Go biking to the nearby temple and watch the perennial stream and the local temple architecture for a longer trip bike to the Kelavarpalli dam enjoying the floriculture greenhouses or the lush green fields on the way.


Discover new stars and wildlife under the clear sky at the Ecoland Farms camping site beside Athetti Lake. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, surrounded by lush forests and water. Wake up to breathtaking sunrises and unwind by the tranquil lakeside. Your perfect escape awaits at this camping retreat.


Enjoy the old village pastime – flying a kite in the open skies on a hilltop one of the favorite activities for kids and adults. Did you know there is a yearly kite flying festival in Gujrat during Baisakh even today?


Mallachandiram Dolmens the most significant dolmens found in Tamilnadu an hour’s drive /trek from Ecoland Farms is 25  km away from our farm. These dolmens are the burial chambers of the megalithic specimens and people erected to worship their dead ancestors kind of reminds you of the famous tombs for the pharaohs in Egypt. Megalithic age, Neolithic era, iron age, in simple terms more than 4000 years ago.  This is a protected site maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. A must-visit site, especially for lovers of history and archaeology about customs that are part of the forgotten history of India that our generation should unearth. Read more

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cta 80730 04613

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