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It’s a farm being restored by the owners painstakingly after being marauded by the construction boom in the last few decades with quarries all around. We would like you to come and enjoy the village like atmosphere while imbibing the best of fun , food and fresh air. You can also get your hands dirty and help us with the farm work in case you enjoy farming. It will be a privilege to host you and your family and friends for a day or a week.

bangalore home stay
We live and breathe The Farmhouse - it's a privilege to draw on such spectacularly beautiful resources


To make the farm a great place for visitors to come and experience nature while we also learn how to protect and preserve the environment with sustainable  development. We as custodians of earth need to heed the warnings of global warming and force the people running the administration to heed the same .

sitout build from local material


The generation Z today is conscious about the environment and at Ecoland farms we strive to espouse the same by ensuring we use as much recycled material and reduce waste , use  regenerative organic and natural farming practices and conserve water  while at the same time  provide a good experience for the visitors with healthy and delicious food and a serene vacation  so they  can take back great memories of the farm stay.

The farm owner blackie
Barbeque in the evening with a campfire